Carmine Azzato

Carmine Azzato devoted 23 years to the world of professional wrestling, earning the alias “BLAST” and later becoming one-half of the tag team The NEW DEMOLITION with his partner AX. His career brought him many accomplishments, including nine world championships and countless travels, but also brought him challenges he never anticipated. Struggles with addiction, mental health, and other hardships were far too common and, in many cases, led to devastating consequences. These same issues continue to affect people all over the world, claiming millions of lives each day.

In November 2002, Carmine experienced a miraculous transformation in his life. After suffering from severe depression and despair and reaching the lowest point imaginable, two men ministered to him for thirteen months, refusing to give up on him. In a dramatic turn of events, Carmine found the strength and determination to live once again and ran to an altar to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. His physical healing was soon followed by complete deliverance and freedom. This powerful story of redemption would go down as one of the greatest comeback stories ever told.

Since accepting Jesus, Carmine Azzato has embraced his true calling as an Evangelist and travels around the world to spread the Gospel. He returns to many of the same places he once Wrestled for fame and money, only now he is Wrestling For Souls. Together with his wife Jules, Carmine leads the life-changing ministry of Hitting The Pavement. This ministry helps people become True Champions for Jesus, teaching them to live out their own callings with the power and authority given to them by Jesus.  

Community Outreach