Hitting The Pavement is driven to go out beyond the four walls and do our part in changing and transforming communities all across America. There’s no greater joy than leading people to Jesus and then seeing those people come alive and live powerful and fulfilled lives!


As many know, to Hit The Pavement is to Go Out in search of something or for a specific reason. So when the Lord spoke to us that Hitting The Pavement was the name of our ministry, we knew immediately that we would be spending a lot of time outside of the four walls of our house, searching for those that do not know Jesus, for no other reason than to lead them to a soul saving encounter with Jesus. That’s why we are out in the communities Wrestling For Souls.

Hitting The Pavement is dedicated to building strong relationships with many powerful local churches across America. We are extremely passionate about two things that we believe Jesus is extremely passionate about, winning the lost and helping His Churches to thrive, to become great weapons against the forces of evil that are trying to destroy not only communities but are on a relentless attack to destroy God’s precious children of all ages.

As we focus on winning the lost, we remain equally focused on igniting a greater passion in the local churches to win the lost. Jesus prayed for the workers that are members of local churches in every community. So co-laboring with the Pastors and their congregations to win the lost will bring in the greatest harvest of souls this country has ever seen. Hitting The Pavement will continue doing its part as a bridge between those that do not yet know Jesus and the local churches in their communities.

We believe that the churches throughout the United States will become the greatest Basic Training Discipleship Centers that this world has ever seen. Teaching and reinforcing these new followers of Christ so that they would be unwavering in the faith as they take their new lives back to the streets to win more souls to Jesus. This new Jesus Army will be able and capable to stand against everything that Satan throws at them as Satan tries to keep them from being everything that Jesus destined them to be.